Our Fishing Lakes – Sunset Lakes Isle of Man

All of our five fishing lakes have been designed to provide easy and consistent fishing. Due to the nature of the soil, each lake was originally lined with a thick plastic liner, followed by 18 inches of clay. We regularly monitor the water chemistry and oxygen levels, to ensure the fish have a perfect environment to live and thrive in.

Our lakes are stocked with carp, tench, roach and rudd, which we were allowed to import from the UK following stringent health checks. From the end of 2017 we will be completely self sufficient, and this is why we are so passionate about the health of our fish and the quality of lakes. By correctly managing our waters we can allow the fish to thrive and there is no need for annual restocking policies.

All the lakes are approximately 12 inches in the margins, sloping down to an even 5 feet. By keeping the depths constant throughout the pond, the fish will be far less likely to shoal up in certain areas (this means the fishing is fair for everyone) and the shallow waters will warm up quickly in the spring, so the fish will come out of their winter slumber as early in the year as possible.

All the lakes have spacious wooden platforms to fish from, and with around 20m between them there is lots of space for each angler.

Around the margins you will find a band of aquatic plants. This band of flag iris and sedge provides a wonderful environment for our fish and lots of other wildlife that call the lakes their home. They also provide a great feature for anglers to fish to.

As you will see, although the lakes are of a similar design, their stocking plans are each very different. Through careful planning we have tried to offer as much variety as possible for our visiting anglers.

Cooper’s Pool (Tench Fishing)

Willow Pool

Ellie’s Island (Carp Fishing)

Lodge Pool

Sunset Lake (Match Lake)