Sunset Lake – Match Fishing Lake – Sunset Lakes Isle Of Man

Sunset Lake is our 15 peg match lake. We could have crammed a lot more platforms on this 1.5 acre lake, but instead we have tried to maximise the space for each angler and make the whole lake as fair as possible. The lake contains lots of carp and tench, with fish from half a pound to around 5lb.

Sunset is available on a day ticket like all our other lakes. But we will also be running open matches on the lake, as well as allowing groups of anglers to book pegs for their own competitions. Along with our fishery landing nets and unhooking mats, we will also provide match anglers with our own top quality Preston Innovations keepnets, so there is no need to bring your own.

Lots of methods will work on Sunset. There is plenty of open water to fish a feeder or waggler, and during the winter months most of the fish will be shoaled up in the deeper water.

A top tip is to keep feeding several areas of your peg and move between them to keep the bites coming, and only feed very small amounts whilst the water is still cold.